Thursday, May 5, 2016

Getting Stuff Done

At guild we are working on a goal each month.  Each of us has our own goals that we are working on.  Those that had projects they finished as a goal showed us what they accomplished.  Have you ever seen a Crown Royal quilt.  This one is a custom quilt made by Claudia.  It is made for a friend of her sons.  She put a load of work into this quilt and this friend put a lot of money into Crown Royal.  It is a nice quilt.  I hope he loves it.

This is the back of the Crown Royal quilt.  I hope you can see the stitching.

This is Angeli's quilt.  It is looking great.

These quilts are Kay's.  I can't quilt remember the story behind them, sorry.  They turned out so beautiful.  

All of you ladies are really accomplishing a lot.  Not all of us are working on just our quilting.  Some of us are cleaning out or working on other goals, but we are getting things done.  Besides, our table of stuff we are sharing has been wonderful.  I have gotten some fun things and have been glad to pass on stuff I wanted to be finshed with.

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