Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Christmas Goose

I stopped by the Christmas Goose while I was in Vegas.  This is one of my favorite stores.  The people there are friendly and helpful.  This store also speaks to my style of quilting.  I just wish we had one of these stores near me.  These are some of the beautiful patterns and fabrics they have in the shop.

They have a good selection of wool fabric and wool applique patterns.

I think this is a Buttermilk Basin pattern.  She has some cute ones.

There were some cute bags to make there too.

These were in the class room.  They have a nice space for classes.

My sister made a quilt like this one.

Babies love these soft taggies.

I love the mini's.

I am not sure how they are using these small balls of wool yarn.  I know it is not enough for knitting projects and crocheting.  If any one knows let me know.  I should have asked while I was there.

These scrap bags are a good way to give your stash variety.

I love this quilt.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Christmas Goose.  It is a really nice store to check out if you are in Vegas.  

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