Thursday, July 9, 2015

Quilt Walk Quilt Show 2015

These are the quilts from our Quilt Walk Quilt Show.  The only judging was the peoples choice.  Becky Yard won this year with her Chicken Quilt.  It is darling.  If you are interested I think she is selling it.

As you look at these quilts, I am sorry that I don't remember who made each one.  I did mention those I do remember.  If you want to you can let me know and I will put the information with the quilt.

This is Sheree's Quilt Walk Quilt. She is so generous to let us display this every year. 

LaVee's Tumbler Quilt

I think this was one of the quilts Pauline Prince from Panguitch brought in.

This one is Sophie's quilt.  She thought it was hanging too long.

LaRetta made this one.

This is LaVee's.

I think this one came clear from Payson.  I love when we get some from out of town.

LaVee also did this one, and the one below.  

I am fairly certain this one is Sandy's.

This one reminds me of the What Knots Club patterns but Roxanna made this.

Dianne was made this one from her scraps.

Jerilu made this Churn Dash using Jenny Doan's method.

I think this is LaRetta's also.

I was impressed with this one.  It is gingham and the dark part is cross stitched in red and the light part is done with white.  The seam was perfect and very hard to tell where it had been sewn.  I like it. It belongs to Lori Talbot.

I love this one.

I love the double wedding ring.

Becky also made this fall quilt.

Elaine Baldwin made this quilt for her grand daughters graduation gift.  It is beautiful.  I did the quilting on the left side.  If you look closely you can tell which ones I did.  Just kidding, I did enjoy quilting on this quilt though.

This is magnificent.  It is very well done.

Claudia brought this in.  I think it is for her grandson.

LaVee made this.  I love this.  I think they call it chicken scratch.

I think this is Lori Talbot's

This quilt was a combined effort of Helen and myself.  Helen did most of the work.  She did all the applique.

This is Helen's daughter, Pam's quilt.  She came from Oregon.  She ended up giving this one to her mother.

This is Heather's, My sister.

Claudia purchased this one from an Amish lady.

This is another one from Pauline Prince.

If I recall right, this was made by Claudia and Roxanna for Becky Roberts.  It is beautiful.

This is Helen's Scotty dog quilt.

This is one of Heathers first quilts.  She did all the embroidery, getting the patterns from an old coloring book.  I have seen some of them on Pintrest.

I made this Churn Dash.  I gave it to my son for graduation.

This is another combined effort by Helen and myself.

Heather made this.

Claudia made this one.

This quilt is one that I wanted to study.  It was made from men's suiting, wool.  I loved the random shapes and the embroidery stitches.  It is beautiful.

Heather made this hexagon quilt, the pattern is called Merry Go Round.  She made the one below, also.

Pam did a beautiful job on this batik butterfly quilt.

Lana could have made this one but I may be mistaken.

Heather made this fish quilt.  It is raw edge and is so cute.

Pat Otting brought this one in.  It has Panguitch history on it.

Heather made this one to show off the beautiful fabrics she loves.

Meet the Ghastly's fabric was fussy cut to make this quilt by Heather.

Another Heather creation, made during a past quilt walk.

Dianne's quilt.

Claudia's Quilt Walk Quilt. 
 I hope you enjoy all the quilts that were shown.  These quilts are beautiful and I am so grateful to all who have supported our show.  They are not judged but we are pleased to be able to show the beautiful quilts people have been making.  Thank you for sharing.

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