Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Janice Ellerston At The Quilt Walk

Janice Ellerston gave one of the Quilt Walk Trunk shows.  She was a costume designer that transitioned into quilts.  You cannot see the crystals on the quilts and costumes but they really sparkle.  She also taught some classes.

This had family photos on the flower centers.  The whole thing was quilted.

This was representing the fires in San Diego.  It even had some fire photos on the fabric.

Each of these costumes had a theme.  I think this was one on women who served our country.

This is Janice's husband.  He was the comic there.  He was great for a laugh.

This is Janice.

This is the lining of the jacket.  It has photos of  people transfered to the fabrics.

Cami is our model.  The costumes are made for small models.

I think this was my favorite of her quilts.

These are table runners.

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