Saturday, October 11, 2014

The games at the Fair

Our fair has load to do.  The kids love it.  There are bouncy toys to spend all their energy on.  They have these at an all day price and the kids love it.

The  kids love the climbing wall.  My kids practiced and practiced until they got to the top.  It was fun.

Trevin Fraiser made some games for the fair for his eagle project.  My kids loved them.  They had jenga, angry birds sling shot, plinko, and more.  He really put a lot of work into these games and I thought they were great.

Another county lent us a darling farm set.  It has chickens, eggs, vegetables, tractors, trees and fruits.  It was really cute.  Sophie liked it also.

Mud Volleyball is a definite hit with my son.  He loves all sports and won't miss this.  They really got dirty but they had fun.  This is the same place they have the greased pig and derby.

These walking on water balls were a hit.  They were included in the bouncy toy wristband deal and I think my daughter spent her day doing this.  She loved it and really she has great balance.  She really could run and not fall right away.  I don't think I could stand the thought of being in there and trying to breath.

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