Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Heather's Projects

I went to see my sister, Heather.  I just had to share some of the projects she has been working on.  This quilt above turned out so cute.  It almost reminds me of stained glass.  By the way I think Ramona from the Corn Wagon did the quilting.  Heather loves the work she does and generally goes there. 

This one below is knitted.  It is out of the softest wool.  The bounce in this is so nice.  It is for a baby. I think any baby would love this.  It is warm and soft.  Heather got the yarn at Heinselmans in Provo. They will help you for free if you buy your yarn from there.  
This one is like one Heather saw at the Quilt Walk that Emily Bailey made.

Now don't tell anyone but Heather has been making doll clothes for Christmas gifts.  They are so cute.  Don't you think home made gifts make Christmas more exciting?

This is one made from the left overs of the one at the top  It is so fun.  Can you believe how many things she is getting done.  I am happy to say that at least I got my new curtains up.  

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