Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Corn Wagon In Springville

I swung by Corn Wagon because they had a sale I could not resist.  I only took a few photos this time of some of the new quilts they have.  This first one looks like the blocks are framed.  This would be perfect to use the fabrics that are so cute you just want to frame them.

The thirties prints are some of my favorites.  The scrappy look is fun too.

It is hard to see but the center fabrics are fussy cut to show the prince and princesses.  They have unicorns too.  My Sophie would love this.  She still keeps asking Santa for a Unicorn that would grant her every wish.

The Clam shell is so pretty.  It is one of those that just looks hard to me.  Lana is working on one of these.

Sexie Hexies!  That should be a fun class.

Look at these multicolored life savors.  This is one happy quilt.

This one speaks to me.  It is so cute.  It is warm and sweet.  You may want to be on Corn Wagon's email list to see the sales.  Some of them you may not want to miss either.

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