Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Panguitch High Junior Prom

Last Saturday was our Junior Prom.  Pirates of the Carrabean was the theme.  The decorations were well done.  The Juniors even did a sword dance for the promenade.  My youngest loves going to this. She dances her heart out, spinning across the floor.  I have to smile as I see her having such a fun time.  She also loves the dresses.  I do have to mention something funny.  Sophie needed some tissue at church.  I told her to go get some.  She came back to tell me there was none in the foyer.  I told her to go to the bathroom and get some...Well, she came back with boobs.  She had stuffed her shirt with tissue.

This is our princess Sophie.  I am so glad Panguitch has made prom a family affair.  My girls love it and my son enjoys it also.

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