Tuesday, February 9, 2016

January Guild Show and Tell

It never ceases to amaze me, all the quilts Crystal makes.  She produces such a variety that it would be hard for me to say that is Crystals style.  I love her work.
Rhea does some beautiful quilts too.  She even quilts them herself.  This is wonderful.

Rhea also made this one for a grand-daughter.  My youngest would love this one.

This is also Rhea's, wow.

Becky is showing her adorable mini quilts and below her finished machine embroidered Christmas quilt.  This quilt is over the top.

Roxanna is the artist here.  She also quilts her own and does a beautiful job.

Cheri made another bandana quilt for a grandson who is getting married.

This zipper quilt is Sandy's creation.  I think this would be a fun pattern to make.

This is Sandy showing her bench pillow.  They are both cute, Sandy and the pillow.

Shauna made this for a grand daughter that is graduating.  It is in the Bryce Valley colors and oh, so, soft.

Tanya is showing her bench pillow, they are both adorable.

Tanya said she made this pattern up.  I love it.

She even finished a couple of stockings.

Now don't be floored, Tanya even finished the top of this Christmas quilt.  Amazing.

Keela created this beauty.  

Keela also made this one.  It was king size if I remember correctly.  

Now the rest of these are made by Crystal.  They are all so different from each other.  They are beautiful.

All of these ladies in our guild are so fun to be with.  I admire each member.  They do great work too.

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