Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Seasons of Home in Midway, Utah

Seasons of Home is a darling shop in Midway, Utah.  It is not very big but it has a lot to offer.  These photos were taken in September.  I have been busy painting my house before it snows so I didn't get this out.  But they have all sorts of kits and cute fabrics. This quilt looks easy like a jelly roll race I think it is really fun, very festive for the Holidays.
Yes, I bought this kit.  It is really a cute quilt.  In fact I did get the top sewn but I had to change it up a bit.  Yes it isn't done for this Halloween but I am hoping I can get it done for next.

These are just strips and that is super simple.

This quilt really appeals to me for some reason.  The dresden plate is a pattern that I really like.

Get ready for Thanksgiving.  I think this is a Buggy Barn pattern.

Pillows are so fun.

Foxes are great.  Very Cute.

Some of the ladies here just love this quilt.  I picked up the pattern for them and I am excited to see their results.

This looks like a wool sweater pattern.

Here are a few of the other items they have in the shop.  This is a wool nativity.  They have softies, needle work patterns and more.  This is a darling shop.  If you get to that beautiful town of Midway, stop in.  It is up Provo Canyon before you get to Heber.

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