Thursday, November 12, 2015

Little Gifts

Our guild members brought some of the gift ideas they have made or received.  They were fun to see.

This is a roll of toilet paper.  You just wrap some fabric around it and tuck it in the roll with a stick and some cute leaves.  Besides the leaves there is no sewing.

Look at how cute this pin cushion is.

This is one is made with a bottle cap.  

I made these candy corns.  The pattern is from a Buttermilk Basin.

This is a dish towel.

Helen makes these scissor holders.

She makes these ornaments also, for her great grand kids.

Jerilu makes these bibs.  She uses her left over batting and fabrics to make these.

This is a cute basket made with fabrics.

These are made from Lori Holts latest patterns by Jerilu.

This is made with the quilt as you go method.

This is a shoe bag for traveling.

Now I love this.  LaRetta made some of these for me for Christmas.  I use them daily.  They are made with pot holders and dish towels.  

Helen made these from scraps.

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