Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scrap Apple Quilts

The Scrap Apple Quilt Shop is in St. George, Utah.  I had a great time in their shop.  The people were wonderfully friendly, but I think all quilters are.  They really had some fun things going on in their shop.  They have a beautiful class room space.  I think it is the biggest class room I have ever seen in a quilt shop.  It has loads of windows for nice lighting.

They are open Monday through Saturday 10:00-6:00.  Their number is 435-628-8226.  I also notice a notice in the window about a quilt retreat in Moab, this February 18th-21st.  Check out www.quiltedmoab.com.  I don't think that Scrap Apple is putting that one on though.

This is such a happy quilt.  I love the colors and pattern.

This was my favorite quilt in the whole store.  It is small and part of the "Whatnot's" club.  I wish my photo had turned out better.  There were a lot of those little one inch yo-yo's.  I loved it.

This one is also a Whatnot Club quilt, the patterns are by Kim Diehl.

They have a large selection of batikes.  They also have a lot of Quilt Smart.  I have not tried that yet but I know others who love it.


This is that Merry-go-Round pattern that I love.

 They had a bunch of buttons you could purchase too.
We all love those pre-cuts.

Let me tell you how cute the quilts for this "Whatnot's" club were.  I would join if I were closer.  The quilts were so cute.  They are all small wall hanging size and the colors are just what I love.  Effie showed me the quilts and the one she is working on for the next class.  She does very lovely work.  Look at that label.  

These are part of that "Whatnot" Club.

This is the one she is finishing.  Wow.

I went over to the class room and the ladies there were showing me what they were working on.  

The lady doing this had a special ruler that made this simpler.  It is pretty.

Someone else was doing these.  What a fun place to spend the day.

 Check out Scrap Apple.  I know you will enjoy the place.  I did.  The have great people working there too.

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