Thursday, January 15, 2015

Scones With Whipped Cream and Cherrie Pie Filling

I had left over scone dough the other day and decided to make them for breakfast.  While I was searching the fridge for other breakfast items I remembered I had left over pie filling and whipped cream from other meals.  I really hate to waist so I fried up the scones and topped them with the cherry pie filling and whipped cream.  They were really decadent.  They were so rich one is more than enough.

The recipe is a buttermilk scone recipe.  I have the recipe book and would recommend it to everyone. There are a few recipes in there that I love.  If you cannot find the book I did look up a blog that has a recipe for them.  When I topped the scones with canned pie filling.  I am sure any flavor will do.  I had homemade whipped cream because we have a corn allergy and most purchased whipped creams have corn starch and corn syrup.  It melts on the hot scone quickly but it is delicious.
When I am not making loads of scones I just fry them in a skillet on the stove.  If I am doing loads I will use my deep frier.  When you test the oil to see if it is hot enough dip the end of your dough in the hot oil.  If it bubbles right away it is ready to fry your scones.

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