Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Vegas Family History Center

This is my daughter.  Last year while working on my geneology I found that I was related to the Sea King.  I thought that was great and it was back in the 5 or 600's.  I made Sophie a sea grass crown while we were at the beach and told her she was Princess La Jolla, descendant of the Sea King.  She loved it.  On our vacation we stopped in Vegas.  They have a spectacular Family History Center.  They have wonderful helpers and classes.  I was able to catch a class on attatching photos to my family history files.  I had a wonderful time and am hoping to go there again later this month.  Our Family History Library here is nothing compared to theirs.  If you are ever there in Vegas and have some time I highly recommend going there.  It is right down town.

This is my daughter with her Grandmother.  It is important to get the photos at family activities and preserve them.  I was visiting with some other people and wanted to make sure she we had a picture so I sent my daughter to take it and this is what I got.  This is better than no picture at all and it will preserve a memory for Sophie.

This is Uncle Ken and Aunt Candlaria.  Ken was able to baptize Candlaria this past weekend.  What a wonderful time to see family.  Now next week I get to see more family.  We are having a reunion on my side of the family.  I love it.

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