Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bernina From St. George

We love Dave's Bernina from St George.  They are a wonderful addition to our Quilt Walk.  They service our machines, sharpen scissors, and teach classes.  They even give away a sewing machine to someone that has signed up for classes.  They have fun stuff in their store and booth.  Their kids camp was fabulous.  My daughters were both in it and Ashley was a great teacher.  I will make sure they are in the class again next year. They will also be offering a intermediate class next year. 

These are a few of the quilts they had in their booth.  Many of them are done with the embroidery machine.  All of them are pretty.

I think this one would be pretty in wool.  I will consider it.

I have a tv table like this and love it.  My top to it isn't done but I will get to it.  It is really handy.  I saw several people with their little tables around the Quilt Walk.

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