Thursday, February 23, 2017

American Quilters

These are the quilts and fun things that American Quilters from Orem, Utah had in their booth at the retreat at Ruby's Inn.  Amy has loads of fun stuff in her shop.  This first one maybe one of the Under the Garden Moon designs.  It is darling.  Her husband made the frame for this.  Isn't it darling?

This little farm set really got my attention.  I thought this would be darling for some little ones.  

Do they call this a string quilt?  Or even a tube quilt?  I don't know but it is cute.

I just love wool appliqué.  I think I showed you all this before.

This one you swap out the center for the different holidays.

Yes, I have one of these cute baskets.

I love the scrappy look.  It is a happy quilt.

I think I have a few blocks that I made that look like these.  At this point they are orphan blocks.

This would be another center for that one that you change out the center block.

This is Elephant is elephun.  Well that is the end of the American Quilting pictures.  Their shop is great, so if you ever get up that way stop in.  Check out Under the Garden Moon Patterns too.  

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